The Cancer Hero’s Manifesto

I came to know the Miller family several years ago through our involvement in local theater. We participated in many musical theater shows together and I teach one of their younger sons voice lessons. Four years ago, their eldest son, Noah, was diagnosed with melanoma. Two years ago, it metastasized and spread throughout his body. He endured ups and downs and many rounds of experimental treatments to prolong his life.

Several weeks ago, the doctors told Noah and his family there was no treatment left on earth to cure him. His family brought him home on hospice and, on March 23rd, Noah passed into eternity. Much has been written about his inspirational life. Look up #noahstrong and you’ll find countless articles and stories about his short but powerful life.

Music provided Noah and his family encouragement, inspiration, hope, and comfort throughout their journey. Yesterday, my duet partner from Unexpected Cure, Rob Shaver, and I had the great honor of singing at Noah’s funeral. You can watch the whole live stream here. Before our last song, I recited “The Cancer Hero’s Manifesto” which I wrote and published last year.

After the funeral, many people came to me and requested a copy of the poem. To honor those requests and for anyone else who would like a copy, I have created a pdf of the poem. Please feel free to download and print.

I pray this gift brings you encouragement and hope.

One of the great honors of working within the cancer community is the opportunity to come alongside people during defining moments of their lives. Here at Hearts Need Art, we use live music every week to alleviate feelings of isolation and suffering in cancer patients and families in the hospital. You can help too. Donate today to become a HNA Champion. Give the gift of music and the arts to other cancer heroes t0 provide needed light and encouragement for their journey.


Peace be with you.


Click on the picture below to download.

Cancer hero’s manifesto









You can also watch the video of the manifesto below.


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